Zero setup form backend.

The easiest & fastest way to receive form submissions on your website. Framework agnostic, it just works.
<form action="{form_id}" method="post">
<input name="Email" id="email" type="email">
<textarea name="Message" id="message">
<button type="submit">Submit</button>
...yes they're all almost exactly the same.

Email notifications

Every time your form is submitted, you'll receive an email with the data.

Spam prevention

formie makes it trivial to integrate Google's reCAPTCHA into your forms.

Team collaboration

Invite your team members to collaborate on your forms.

Filtering & sorting

Filter and sort your form submissions by any field previously submitted.

How works:

1. Create a formie endpoint and use it with your form.

Sign in to formie and create a form with one click, then integrate formie into your form with one line of code.

2. Receive submissions in your form's inbox and email.

On top of receiving submissions in your inbox, you will also receive email notifications.

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Proudly open source.

formie's source code is freely is available on GitHub - feel free to read, review, or contribute to it!